All About Kids Child Care

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Promoting Daily Physical Activities

We recognize the importance of physical activity for young children. Implementation of appropriate physical activity practices supports the health and development of children in our program, as well as assisting in establishing positive lifestyle habits for the future.


 Children in our program are supported and encouraged to engage in active play, develop fundamental movement skills and to have limited screen time.  We encourage all children to participate in a variety of daily physical activity opportunities that are appropriate for their age, that are fun and that offer a variety of physical learning skills.

In order to promote numerous opportunities for physical activity throughout the day we...

  • Encourage a non-restrictive, safe environment for all our little friends each day
  • Provide at least 60-120 minutes (depending on each child’s individual age and development)
  • Offer daily outdoor active play opportunities throughout the day.
  • Provide a variety of daily engaging activities that promote physical activity:

                        Morning Stretch

                        Music and Movement

                        Super Fun Station Fridays

                        Wiggle and Giggle